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Joel is an expert in collections matters. Working on in-depth cases for over 20 years, Joel has the proper knowledge to testify on all collections related matters.

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Read publications on the collections industry by Joel. In-depth coverage of collections related activities straight from the subject matter expert.

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About Joel

Learn about Joel and his career in the collections business. With

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The business of Collections

I have been in the business of collections for over a quarter century and in such time have become a subject matter expert.

This publication was created to provide as a resource to both the industry and consumers. Collection practitioners are, contrary to popular opinion, very sympathetic to the consumer’s financial situation. After all, we are people too.

In this publication I will delve into the world of collections, best practices, regulations, and will provide perspectives for both consumers and practitioners. If you have any questions or general feedback please get in touch and thank you in advance for taking the time to visit my publication.

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I am an expert in the collections business and am available to provide court services.